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  • 300+ Stroke Icons
    Talk about beefing up your icon toolbox! You’ll get 310 stroke icons in this set. Carefully handcrafted, these high-quality icons are simple in style but sport a real uietailed look.
  • Versatile in Use
    These icons work great in a variety of different ways. Use them on apps, websites, templates, promotional materials, presentations, illustrations, infographics, and more!
  • Multiple File Formats
    These stroke icons come to you in 3 different file formats. Get all 310 in .PSD, .PNG and .CSH files.
  • Dozens of Categories
    With more than 300 icons, you know you’ve got a lot of ground covered. This set includes icons from dozens of different categories including: Weather, Multi-Media, Math, Calendars, eCommerce, Social Media, Audio, Brands, Electronics, Sports, Drinks and more!
  • Easy to Customize
    Using the original files, you can easily change up these icons as you see fit.  Customize them any way you’d like in terms of color, size and shape.



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